Yes I am tackling mandolin. I inherited one from my grandmother years ago and it has a bit of a history. My grandmother traded a violin for it around 1933. It had belonged to a neighbor named Austin Boyd who played it in a string band called Catfish Band from Sapulpa OK. Around 1937 my… Read More

Today I finally finish recording and mixing my CD. I don’t even want to say how long it has taken. Everything from illness, malfunctioning software and equipment to a broken x brace on my guitar, you name it and it probably happened.   Next step is mastering, which hopefully will not take long since I’m… Read More

I’ve been hard at work on my CD so that I can have a Fall release. However my sound interface has begun to die which means I’m gettingĀ  a bit of distortion with it. I’ve ordered a new one and it’s supposed to be here by Friday. I’ve ordered an Audient ID14. It’s supposed to… Read More