I’m a singer-songwriter. I play guitar and keyboards. My early career I played in Austin, Dallas/Ft Worth and Vail CO bars, hotels, and restaurants playing pop, top 40, country, and show tunes, and always in the background writing and singing my own tunes to myself. Finally crashing and burning hard with the bar cover playing scene I quit music altogether and started whole new careers as a muralist and fantasy/fairy artist.

I had to work hard to heal my musical wounds so that I could come back and do the thing that I really love. I am back now with a commitment to my own music. I might still play some songs of others but only if I love them and they make me feel good. I like to write songs that tell a story whether that story is about how someone feels or what’s happened or happening in their lives, my own definitely included. I don’t try to write in a particular genre and I let whatever the muse presents me with, flow from within.

If you’re interested in learning about my visual artwork you can check it out at:
www.fiserartstudio.com for murals or www.moonotegallery.com for my fantasy stuff

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